Light Up My Future

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Light Up My Future is a consortium bringing together five partner organisations implementing the Light Up My Future Programme in Kajiado, Narok and Laikipia counties.

The Partner organisations are:

  • LEC RD - Local Expertise Center For Research and Development
  • ILDIP - Ilkerin Loita Intergral Development Programme
  • DUPOTO E MAA - Olekajiado Pastoralist Development Organisation
  • HSHC - Help Self Help Center
  • YES Kenya - Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

The consortium is a rich coalition that brings together different experiences, expertise and contextual knowledge for the implementation of the program activities. 

Our Approach

The consortium is committed to enabling communities to harness the environment sustainably while benefiting from their activities. The targets are the drivers of environmental degradation who have limited options for diversification due to marginalization. i.e. the women and youth. This will be empowered to address structural barriers that limit their participation in the national economy while harnessing the environment sustainability through skills training, eco enterprises , facilitating them to access loans from the youth fund by government and awareness creation about the climate challenge what everyone can do to curb the trend.

About the programme

Light Up My Future program is in line with the Kenya green growth plan and the sustainable livelihoods and justice and dignity for all programs of the ICCO cooperattion. It focuses on climate smart economic development through green  technologies , supporting communities to mitigate the impacts of climate change through fuel efficient  cookstoves and lighting up schools, and communities to ensure children spend less time collecting wood hence more time for school, through access to light. This will be able to increase revision time and improve grades, teachers will also have more time to attend to pupils' needs due to energy efficient gadgets for cooking.


To mitigate the impact of climate change on pastoral communities in Kenya in the counties of Laikipia, Kajiado and Narok through green technologies.


To support the establishment and strengthening of 90 youth driven eco-enterprises to profitability through capacity building in quality control, financial linkages, business and market  development support. 


  • 90 green enteprises operating as viable business entities.
  • Improved learning outcomes of children in the targeted communities. The lighting infrastructure will help them to make their homework in the evening. Also better food intake increases the ability to learn.
  • Households that use locally produced fuel efficient cook stoves and schools that use i institutional energy saving cook stoves will not suffer indoor pollution related ailments, because they are more eco friendly than the locally three-stone stove that use open fires. This has implications on household energy saving and asset building.
  • reversal in environmental degradation as the population moves away from the inefficient cooking/lighting methods and learn to appreciate environmental conservation.
  • Improved livelihoods as enterprises generate alternative employment and income sources.


Target Group

Pastoral Youth, age 15-25, in the counties of Kajiado, Laikipia  and Narok is the target group as well as women who live in the same areas. 

The implementation partners offer an option of transferable skills for students interested in the Vocational training courses. There are three on offer in this project.

Eco-Enterprise training in modelling, assembling and selling cook-stoves.

Eco-Enterprise training in phone charging using solar equipment

Non-wood forest product growing harvesting, production and sales.

The Partner Responsibilities in the Project

The decision making body of the Consortium is the project steering committee for overall project implementation.

LEC - Kenya

coordination of a multi-partner program in Kenya and supporting Monitoring, Evaluation and documentation of the project results.

YES Kenya

business skills, documentation and links to youth funds and devolved fund of the Government of Kenya.


Reasearch and taining in non-wppd fprest product rocessing, business development, market linkage and wide scope for the rogram in Laikipia Coutnty.


TVET training and FAL for youth. wide scope for the program in Kajiado County.

Edukans International 

Edukans is a professional educational development organisation which plays a leading role in supporting  and improving the quality of education in developing countries, with focus on underprivileged children.

The project is supported by ICCO (Inter- Church Organisation for Development Cooperation )that works towards a world without poverty, injustice and inequality, in which people can live in dignity and well-being.