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Learn 4 Work

Learn4Work is a programme to improve vocational education in Africa. By linking African and Dutch (business) organisations, schools and people, it makes a positive contribution to:

  • the number of young people who can learn a trade;
  • the quality of vocational training;
  • better alignment with and flow-through to the job market.

Vocational training is the basis for finding work or starting a business. Work offers young people more opportunities to improve their income and raise their standard of living.

Learn4Work is co-funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vision and mission: stimulate youth employment

The long-term, overall objective of Learn4Work is to contribute to substantial and sustainable income for youth/young people, and particularly those who are marginalised for one reason or the other

Learn4Work aims to contribute by realising access to improved quality vocational education in Africa, which ensures its relevance for and outflow to the labour market.

  1. To achieve this main objective, the programme has four operational objectives:
  2. To improve access to vocational education and training in Africa;
  3. To enhance the quality of vocational education and its relevance to labour market demand;
  4. To embed good practices at the institutional level of TVET providers in a sustainable way;
  5. To include new actors in development cooperation, in the education and private sectors in particular, and strengthen the Learn4Work network.

Services offered / LEC’S duties in L4W

LEC Kenya plays a national coordination role of the project in Kenya.  Specifically LEC As a national coordinating body implements the following acitivities;

  1. Promotion of L4W through media, meetings with relevant stakeholders
  2. Visit key stakeholders to inform them about financing and L&L opportunities and to identify linkages with related initiatives
  3. Linking actors and providing guidance in partnership initiation and partnership management.
  4. Promotion and information sessions/workshops on L4W programme
  5. Supporting workshops on L4W guidelines and proposal development
  6. Network meetings (e.g. sector meetings, regional meetings and for total network) aiming to link actors and stimulate learning.
  7. Linking and learning meetings, e.g. thematic workshops, joint field visits, learning tours
  8. Project visits, to learn, to provide practical support, to monitor, to guide on project and financial administration
  9. Participation in (international) L4W meetings
  10. Documentation and communication on best practices to create access to these practices by the national and international platform
  11. Project administration and reporting towards Edukans

Partner Organisations and their respective Projects






Ilkerin Loita Intergral Development Program (ILIDP)

Reaching the unreachable



Nairobits Trust

Liveraging technology to transfrom lives



Ujima Foundation




Social Impact Institute





Vijana Reloaded


Achievements / success stories

Learn4work has developeed a 7 steps approach in linking the vocational Education Training to the labour Market. Within the steps keys activities include analysing and defining the  the labor market, establishing links between the labor market and training providers and develop job profiles in line with the required skills and qualifications. For more information on the model contact our National Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .