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EF together with LEC and EF partners have for the past four years been actively involved in school campaign programmes. These programmes seek to promote quality of education, access and retention of children in schools in Kenya. LEC and other Kenyan EF partners strongly recommend that these initiatives need to be strengthened further based on the responses from schools and the Ministry of Education. 

The school campaign programmes in Kenya include:

1.  Child to Child Gift Campaign

Gift boxes are collected and packaged by children in primary schools in the Netherlands and are shipped to Kenya to be distributed in primary schools. This project has been in existence since 2006 and the gifts are distributed annually. LEC has been coordinating the Child to Child Gift Campaign since 2008. The following regions and partners have already benefited from the gift boxes:

Gift boxes are an incentive for Kenyan children to go to schools and contribute to regular attendance and improve performance in schools. Children in Kenya learn from the gift boxes that children in The Netherlands want them to go to school and to remain going to school. Children in Kenya really would like to do something for children in The Netherlands too. If addresses would be added to the gift boxes, a real exchange would be possible. Also, children in Kenya could make bracelets, write letters or make drawings. Edukans could distribute these items to the children in the Netherlands who filled a gift box.

2.  Schools Project

This project started with Dupoto-e-Maa in September 2010. The use of ICT in this project could attract more children to go to school. The EF partners have stressed that children need to be educated using computers and internet. The Kenyan Government is keen on promoting e – learning in schools and therefore this is a boost to this particular campaign. Materials for teachers should also be developed, in order to prepare them first for the use of ICT. This project should be linked to World Teacher Programme.