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Facilitate creation of positive attitude with relevant policy - and decision makers towards innovative practices for both formal and non-formal basic education;

A lobbyist will support lobby activities of local partners in Kenya in order to lobby with their own government, which includes monitoring the implementation of education policy (and budget) at national level in Kenya, as well as initiating debate on sometimes sensitive issues.

The programme will influence policy reforms in the education sector through lobby and advocacy at the local, national and international level. Major researches and continuous collection and analysis of data and documentation will be conducted to ensure evidence-based lobby and advocacy initiatives. 

Civic education on devolved funds will be conducted at the local level to ensure proper utilization of the resources to improve education standards. Awareness on education as a human right issue will be conducted at the local and national level through trainings and community dialogue meetings. A media strategy will be developed for awareness and policy influence. A critical mass of the civil society, community leaders and opinion leaders will be mobilized for the lobby process.

The programme will strategically target policy makers who will include the line ministries such as the ministry of education, the ministry of gender, children and social development, the national council for children services for policy reforms. The programme will also engage with the parliamentary select committees on research and education. Engage Building alliances/partnership – partners in the regions to collaborate among themselves and with the government structures. Policy reforms will be achieved though negotiations, networking, petitions and legal aid.

NGO-staff selected by SIL-AFA will attend international academic, education conferences like UNESCO (Paris), Micah Network (Lusaka), Pan-African Reading for All Conference (Gaborone) and Oxford Conference on Education and Development to present papers and to lobby for the importance of taking into account the mother tongue of the learner in educational systems.