World Teacher 2014

World Teacher 2014 took place in Kajiado Kenya from 26th of April to 10th May. A special pilot project where both Fin and Dutch teachers visited Kenya for the program contrary to the previous years where only Dutch Students participated.

The groups studied the local educational system and situation and along with their colleagues and partners of Edukans, developed ideas for changes and improvements in education.
In Kenya:        

  1. To inspire and motivate the participating teachers, head-teachers and assistants from the educational system in Kenya.
  2. To analyse and implement ideas for changes and improvements to the educational system in Kenya by means of concrete long-term plans.

In The Netherlands and in Finland

  1. To inspire and motivate participants and, in addition, to acquire or strengthen competences that are important in the educational system.
  2. To contribute to the internationalization of the Dutch educational system, as participants will practically apply their travel experience to their own teaching methods.
  3. To contribute to the improvement of education in developing countries through fundraising.

For the above to be achieved, the Kenyan teachers were paired up with their counterparts from The Netherlands and Finland. The teachers then co - taught in different classes while sharing ideas on how to do it best. Active learning and networking was also emphasized among the teachers.

Two workshops were conducted at the beginning and at the end of the programme. The purpose of the first workshop was to enlighten participants on the agenda for world teacher 2014. The second enabled both teams to showcase what they had learnt after the Dutch and Finish teachers visited Kenyan schools for co-teaching. Below are some of the images that captured  the World teacher Programme.