The Local Expertise Centre (LEC) offers a wide range of trainings and consultancy services that focus on ensuring operational effectiveness of its clients through developing solutions that effectively and efficiently meet client expectations and business objectives. We provide best-in-class management consultancy, training solutions, and research and development interventions to meet the specific needs of client organizations. Having been in the market for over seven years, our team has the requisite experience, capacity and capability to undertake specified assignments.


  • To develop and offer relevant market driven services that will enable client organizations grow and be more competitive in their areas of operation.

Services offered

Management Consulting;

  1. Strategic/ Corporate/Business planning;
  2. Institution Evaluation Assessments;
  3. Human Resource  i.e. Job Evaluations, Analysis and HR Audits;
  4. Organizational restructuring programs;
  5. Project Management
  6. Financial Management;
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance;

Research and development;

  1. Market Survey and Research;
  2. Service Delivery Inventions i.e. Service Charter Training, Customer Service Audits;
  3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Employee Satisfaction Surveys;
  4. Work Environment Baseline Surveys;
  5. Feasibility Studies and Socio – Economic Studies;
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation.

Human Resource Development services

  1. Team building;
  2. Career Development & Transition preparation.( i.e. retrenchment, retirement);
  3. Management and Leadership skills;
  4. Effective delegation;Time Management; and Supervisory development skills;
  5. Finance for Non- finance managers;
  6. Facilitation Services i.e. Rapporteur, Motivational speaking services and Workshop facilitation

Organization Development:

  1. Management of Change / Culture change;
  2. Total Quality Management;
  3. Micro Finance Capacity building;
  4. Entrepreneurship Development;
  5. Organizational and Business Re-engineering;
  6. Performance Management (Balance Score Card);
  7. Policy development and reviews
  8. Programme (M&E)Evaluations