EEE 2014

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Edukans Education Experience 2014

In this year’s EEE, Kenya receives 34 teacher students and 6 staff members from the Netherlands.

During this period, the interaction between the Dutch and Kenyan students is very intensive. The students start with acquaintance and discussing personal goals for the EEE. During the teaching practice they discuss vision and working methods and together they work on combining vision and approach, until the occurrence of a joint 'ideal' lesson.

The local approach should match the principles of the EEE. These are:

a)     Learning by doing; involvement of the students in daily activities

b)    Mutual learning; students learn from each other

c)     Sustainability

 In general, the approach consists of three phases:

1)     Monitoring

2)     Sharing

3)     Improving

Purpose of the trip

The EEE focuses on encouraging learner centered teaching through the exchange of knowledge and skills between Dutch and Kenyan teacher trainees. With respect for the vision of learning/education and the Kenyan curriculum, the EEE tries to achieve small steps of change.

This means that the Dutch and Kenyan students prepare lessons together from the Kenyan curriculum. Together they work on different learning methods, skills and materials, allowing the learner to be active during the lessons, how to connect with the pupil’s perception of their environment, while the teacher has a coaching role. The students observe and reflect each other's lessons and implement new ideas for teaching in following lessons.

 The area “learner centered teaching” is a priority that LEC and EF have encountered in education and this is therefore an area on which they have already (partly) worked in the projects and programs in Kenya. This ensures the embedding of the EEE program into the overall education program in Kenya.

 During the EEE the Dutch and Kenyan students will work together intensely and learn about educational and cultural differences and similarities. They will strengthen their competences as a teacher during the teaching process and their vision on education will widen. The exchange will also motivate the participants in their everyday teaching.

Through the EEE, Dutch students will get an understanding of everyday life of their peers in Kenya. They will experience the good sides of Kenya (hospitality, friendliness, colourfulness) as well as the challenges (poverty, HIV/Aids, lack of teachers and big classes). By visiting the TTC, practice schools and educational projects supported by EF, they will an understanding of the Kenyan educational system and its challenges. They will also understand the work of EF and how it helps the Kenyan partners to improve quality of education.